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4 Historical Sites Of Great Italian Theatre

4 Historical Sites Of Great Italian Theatre

When you are planning your trip in Italy, you should add one more item to your list and we’d like to recommend a special evening in a theatre: a perfect place to understand cultures, traditions and history of Italy.

The art of Italian theatre has been refined and perfected through the centuries. You can choose from any genre: from drama to opera. The modern Italian play has something for everyone. There are different theatre options in any major region or city.

We suggest 4 historical sites for great Italian theatre:

Italian Theatre in Verona: Arena di Verona

The Arena di Verona, build in 30 AD, is one of the oldest amphitheatres in Italy. It is situated in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, in Piazza Bra, a beautiful square in the historic center of the city. During the summer, the Arena promises a fantastic outdoor show that attract a lot of international guests.

Italian Theatre in Rome: Terme di Caracalla

From a historical monument of ancient Rome to a fantastic outdoor theatre, Terme di Caracalla (“Baths of Caracalla”) are situated beyond the Colosseum and, during the summer, performances of ballet, opera and orchestral music are hosted by Rome’s famous Teatro dell’Opera. This place connects history and art in an incredible, awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Italian Theatre in Palermo, Sicily: Teatro Massimo

If you will go to the Sicily, you have to explore Palermo and its theatre: Teatro Massimo. It is the largest theatre in Europe and the location of some iconic films such as The Godfather III. Massimo’s summer venue is Teatro di Verdura, an outdoor theatre that seats up to 2,000 and provides pitch-perfect acoustic.

Italian Theatre in Milan: Teatro alla Scala

Last but not the least, there is Teatro alla Scala in Milan – one of the most famous theatres and one of Italy’s most prestigious theatres. Many of Italy’s famous actors and singers have passed through here. The theatre hosts a school for aspiring musicians, artists, and actors as well.

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