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5 Italian Summer Secrets

5 Italian Summer Secrets

The Italian summer is a favourite with tourists. Here is a mini list of vacation secrets that you should explore

Trabocchi Coast (Abruzzo)

Trabocchi are antique constructions situated along the coast of the southern Adriatic Sea, especially in the Italian province of Chieti, in Abruzzo. The wooden constructions are actually fishing rods that were used in the past. The fishing technique is quite incredible: it consists of intercepting, with large nets, the flow of fish moving along the ravines of the coast.

Tremiti Islands (Puglia)

Situated in the north of Puglia, Tremiti Islands are a cluster located in the Adriatic Sea. The islands are a fantastic attraction because of the clear waters surrounding them. You can indulge in water sports and other water activities. Apart from the natural beauty, Tremiti Islands also have a sense of history as a place of confinement since ancient Rome.

Salento (Puglia)

Sometimes named as the “heel” of the Italian “boot”, Salento is an area in the south of Puglia region. Bordered by the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea, the region is rich with archeological sites that tell you its history, from ancient Greece to medieval period. The most important city is Lecce. Because of the amazing Baroque architectural monuments situated in the city, Lecce is commonly called “The Florence of the South”.

Versilia (Tuscany)

The Versilia is an area of Tuscany and its cities are famous for fashionable resorts and a lot of clubs that are frequented by local celebrities. The “Historical Versilia”, the area around Versilia River, consists exclusively of four common places: Pietrasanta, Seravezza, Forte dei Marmi, and Stazzema.

Dolomites (Veneto)

From the sea to the mountains. Dolomites are located in the north of region of Veneto, South Tyrol and the region of Trentino. During the summer, you can hike, cycle, BASE jump, paraglide and hang glide as well. In August 2009, the Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most important city is Cortina d’Ampezzo, famous for its shopping, bars, and restaurants where you can meet a lot of celebrities during the year.

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