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Punta Falcone Resort


Your very own private escape into a charming landscape where the green hills roll into the azure seas which then melt into the blue sky. The Punta Falcone is the high point of sophisticated privacy, and much more.

The road that leads to the boutique resort winds through the village of Santa Teresa di Gallura, rich with Holm oak and Mediterranean maquis. The property sits on a natural terrace that overlooks one of the most magnificent sights in Europe – the Boniface Straits. The panoramic view is complete with the open waters leading to the island of Corsica, and the twin Sardinian islands of Spargi and Budelli to the east.

The Punta Falcone has been designed for exclusivity: There are nine independent structures that house one-room and two-room bedroom apartments. These are not modest rooms, but large, spacious apartments. Each private room opens to a view of the panoramic straits. The independent structures themselves have been inspired by the La Maddalena archipelago and have been named after the islands.

The apartments have been curated to offer the most comfortable and luxurious living accommodation. You have access to a private entrance and a private garden. The interiors carry the signature flourish of local styles that are reflected in the décor and upholstery. You can choose from any one of 53 bedroom-apartments.

The exterior architecture too reflects the Sardinian heritage: San Giacomo granite, gabled roof with terra cotta tiles, and interior exposed beams.

The Punta Falcone is an ideal sanctuary to rest, relax, and soak in all the sights and sounds of nature.

The rate includes

  • Private Arrival Transfer
  • HB+free buffet lunch
  • Private Departure Transfer

The rate does not include

  • Hotel City Tax
8 Days
7 Age
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