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Lake Maggiore

Offering a mix of lake based and mountain based activities, Lake Maggiore is the perfect place if you’re looking for a chilled aperitivo on a boat, a bicycle tour through scenic villages, or an experience that will test a team’s ability to be creative while staying on budget such as boat building.

  • Bike tour on Monte Mottarone – Each guest will be equipped with a bike and the group will head for a scenic tour of Monte Mottarone, with views overlooking Lake Maggiore and visiting some villages along the way.
  • Vespa Tour on Orta Lake – Guests get to drive a Vespa scooter through some small villages; Stop for a visit of the botanic garden in Alpina; Head down to Lake Orta for a scenic drive.
  • Tour with Auto d’Epoca – Go for a drive on Monte Mottarone; Stop for a visit at the botanic garden in Alpina; Enjoy a buffet lunch with local food; Last stop of the day will be a visit of the Orta lake.
  • Sunset boat tour and aperitivo – Get on board a boat in the late afternoon for a sunset tour of the lake. Make a stop at Isola Bella where you will enjoy dinner and some relaxing time before heading back.
  • Borromean Islands Treasure Hunt – Visit the Borromean Islands of Lake Maggiore for a fun treasure hunt; There will be a different task to complete in each of the islands.
  • Boat Building Experience – Guests will be divided into various groups, will receive a project to develop and a budget to follow; Teams must build a craft that can navigate on water while staying within budget.
  • GPS Treasure Hunt: Each team will receive a GPS device and a map of the area with marked locations to reach; The goal of the activity is to reach all points within an allocated time.
  • Golf experience – Activity starts with a lesson given by a professional golfer; Following the lesson, time will be allocated for training; All guests will participate in a golf tournament to practice what they have learned.
  • Cooking class in Agriturismo – Guests will head to an Agriturismo around the lake where they will attend a cooking class; Learn how to create typical dishes of the region using local produce.
There are endless ways to discover the Eternal City. As a team, you can do so equipped with a Segway or a Vespa, or through a treasure hunt which will guide you through different parts of Rome. For something a little different, book a visit of the Vatican museums by night, or learn how to play an ancient Roman game.
As an important hub for art and design, Milan is the perfect place to join architecture or photography tours and activities. Foodies will also love it, with a chocolate making class available, as well as a cook and sell class where teams need to prepare a food item before finding ways to market and sell it.
Sicily’s rich history and natural wonders can be seen in every corner of the island. Explore Mount Etna or the wonderful coast of Taormina, but don’t forget to book a cooking class, a Baroque dinner or a wine tasting of the island’s wonderful wines.

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Lake Maggiore

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