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Land and Nature in Molise, Apulia and Basilicata

Visiting the Southern Italian regions is always a great travel and gives impressive emotions, and with this tour you can see places rich of nature and history.


Together with your assistant and by a private minibus you can discover the seaside picturesque town of Termoli in the Molise region. The old town inside the ancient walls of the Swabian Castle will conquest you! From this town you reach the wonderful Tremiti Islands, a real natural paradise, with their caves, crystal sea, and also remains of their ancient past. This islands are so breathtaking to be called “the pearls of the Adriatic Sea” and are part of the Northern Apulia, where the nature is majestic as you can see also travelling along the  picturesque coast of the Gargano district.


The medieval village of Vieste and the typical “trabucchi” with big fishing nets will surprise you and will be the perfect places to take your pictures.

With this tour you have the possibility to admire both the nature and the history of this Italian area. You see the majestic Cathedral of Trani overlooking the sea, one of the most beloved places of Apulia. Here taste the local dishes dining in a restaurant near the waterfront.


Apulia and Basilicata are rich in castles, as you can see during your staying in Bari: its old town is inside the walls of the ancient Norman-Swabian fortress and is a nice place to stroll together with your assistant. A full day tour will allow you to visit the mysterious Castel del Monte, famous all over the world because of its octagonal architecture plenty of enigmas, and the Melfi Castle in Basilicata, one of the most important medieval castles in Italy, in the area of Mount Vulture, a sleeping volcano completely covered by forests.

Another majestic element of nature in Southern Italy is the one of caves and earth crusts. You will be impressed by the enchanting town of Polignano, lying on a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea, and by the magnificence of the Castellana Caves with the incredible forms of canyons, stalactites and stalagmites and the amazing colors inside, really breathtaking.

You visit Gravina di Puglia, lying between the Basilicata region and the Murgia National Park in Apulia, on the shores of a deep crevasse carved into the limestone rock by the homonymous stream. This town, not too known by mass tourism will be a great surprise for you!

The rate includes

  • 6 Overnights in 4 star hotels on bed & breakfast basis;
  • 1 Overnight in 3 star hotel on bed & breakfast basis;
  • Private transfers and coach service as in the program by a minibus (19 seats);
  • Assistant during the whole tour;
  • Sightseeing city tours of Termoli, Vieste, Trani, Bari, Venosa, Polignano together with the assistant;
  • Full day tour to the Tremiti Islands with the assistant and a local private guide, including regular ferry tickets and lunch with drinks;
  • Guided visit of Castel del Monte & entrance fee;
  • Visit of Melfi Castle & entrance fee;
  • Guided visit of the Castellana Caves with a local guide & entrance fee;
  • Private guided visit of Gravina (2 hours) with a local guide;
  • Dinner with drinks included in Trani;
  • Dinner with drinks included in Gravina di Puglia;
  • Assistant’s and driver’s accommodations and meals.

The rate does not include

  • Hotel city taxes to be paid on spot;
  • Single supplement (€ 220 per person);
  • Tips to driver, assistant, guides;
  • Lunches & Dinners if not indicated in the program;
  • Porterage;
  • Coach ZTL taxes & parking;
  • All items not specified in the chapter “the rate include”.
8 Days
7 Age
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Day 1: Termoli

Arrival in Naples airport, meeting with your assistant and the driver. Transfer to the seaside town of Termoli in Molise region and sightseeing tour of the town with your assistant. Overnight in Termoli in your selected 4* Hotel.

Day 2: Termoli - Tremiti island - Termoli

Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Walk to the harbour of Termoli and meet  the local guide. Departure to the Tremiti Islands for a full day excursion with lunch included. In the evening return back to Termoli. Overnight in Termoli.


Day 3: Termoli - Gargano - Trani - Bari

After breakfast departure towards the Gargano district, an area of northern Apulia characterized by a picturesque coast. Travelling along the coast road between Peschici and Vieste stops to see and photograph the typical “trabucchi”. Sightseeing in the medieval village of  Vieste with your assistant. In the afternoon transfer to Trani and stop to see the wonderful Cathedral overlooking the sea. Dinner in Trani in a restaurant near the waterfront. Arrival in Bari. Overnight in Bari in your selected 4* Hotel.

Day 4: Bari

Buffet breakfast at your hotel. In the  morning sightseeing tour of ancient Bari  with the Swabian Castle and the Belvedere overlooking the long seafront. Afternoon at leisure for individual visits and shopping in the commercial pedestrian area. Overnight in Bari.

Day 5: Castel del Monte - Venosa - Melfi Castle - Bari

Buffet breakfast at your hotel. Departure to Castel del Monte, a fortress still shrouded in mystery. Visit with a local guide. Transfer to the Mount Vulture in Basilicata region, covered by forests and with picturesque locations. Visit of the medieval town of Venosa and the Melfi Castle. Transfer back to Bari. Overnight in Bari.

Day 6: Bari - Polignano - Castellana caves - Gravina

After breakfast departure to Polignano a Mare, a small wonderful village on high cliffs and sightseeing tour. Arrival to the Castellana Caves, one of the most wonderful stalactites and stalagmites complex in the world, and visit with a local guide. Arrival in Gravina di Puglia, a breathtaking town not so known by tourism. Private city tour with a local guide. Check-in and dinner at your hotel in Gravina or nearby. Overnight in your selected 3* Hotel in Gravina di Puglia or nearby.

Day 7: Gravina - Naples

Buffet breakfast at your hotel. Morning at leisure for individual visits. Transfer to Naples; the travel lasts about 3 hours. Overnight in Naples in your selected 4* Hotel.

Day 8: Departure

After breakfast, check-out and transfer to Naples airport. End of services.

Tour Location


Termoli is a seaside town with several treasures belonging to its ancient past: the majestic Cathedral built in the Apulian-Romanesque style (12th-15th centuries), the Old Village made up of small squares and narrow streets, the Swabian Castle of Frederick II, built by the Normans in the 11th century and then renovated by Frederick II in 1247. Together with your assistant you walk through the narrow streets of the Old Village, admire the beautiful belvedere and see the commercial new city centre.

Tremiti islands

The Tremiti Islands have been named “the pearls of the Adriatic sea” because of their beauty. This archipelago, made up of 5 isles, is a little corner of paradise with crystal sea, caves, reefs and rich in history, as you can see visiting the Abbey of Santa Maria built in 1045 and the ancient fortress on the main of these islands. In the early morning meeting with your guide at the Termoli harbor and departure by ferryboat to the Tremiti Islands. You visit the islands of San Domino, the largest of the archipelago and richest in nature and breathtaking landscapes, and of St. Nicholas, the most important one according to a historic and artistic point of view with the majestic  Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria. In the evening transfer back to Termoli. Lunch with drinks included.


The Gargano is an area of northern Apulia lying on a mountainous promontory with rocks formed in the marine environment and later emerged. It’s one of the most tourist areas of Apulia together with the Salento, thanks to its nature, picturesque seaside villages and the important religious town of San Giovanni Rotondo. By your coach you travel along the coast road to admire the crystal sea and the beautiful panorama. From Peschici to Vieste you can stop to admire and take pictures of the “trabucchi”, structures with huge fish nets, typical of the Adriatic coast. Sightseeing tour of the medieval town of Vieste with its Swabian Castle, its towers and the Cathedral.


The seaside town of Trani is known for its Romanesque Cathedral overlooking the sea, inserted in the list of the “Italian wonderlands” but also for the production of the Moscato wine.  Sightseeing tour of this historic city rich in artistic and architectural treasures, churches and palaces, reminders of its glorious past. Dinner in a restaurant located near the waterfront to taste the local dishes and to have a relaxing walk to admire the lighted Cathedral.


Bari has uncertain origins but, however, can be dated back to the Bronze Age. The historic centre includes highlights such as the Basilica of San Nicola, symbol of the town, and the Norman-Swabian walls of the ancient fortress. The worldwide known Petruzzelli Theatre is in the new town, the commercial and shopping area. In the morning sightseeing tour together with your assistant to visit Bari, to see the historic centre with its narrow streets where you can still see ladies preparing “orecchiette”, a typical kind of pasta, and the Belvedere where you can admire the longest city’s seafront in Italy. Afternoon at disposal for individual visits and shopping in the modern city centre with pedestrian streets and several shops of important brands.

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte is a unique castle built by Emperor Federico II on the summit of a hill near Andria.  It’s universally known for its mathematical precision: the castle has an octagonal shape with eight towers, the courtyard is also octagonal, the rooms are eight  per floor. But this precision, mathematical and astronomical,  and the medieval military architecture are an enigma plenty of legends and  hypothesis. Castel del Monte is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Guided visit of this mysterious castle.

Mount vulture

The Mount Vulture is a sleeping volcano completely covered by forests and is the highest point in Basilicata.


Together with your assistant you reach Venosa, town of ancient origins with evidences of the Roman and of the Medieval periods and important abbeys, such as the one of the Holy Trinity.  This town is known also for its wide area of excavations with baths, residential complex and amphitheater, for the nearby Jewish and Christian catacombs, and for its castle. Sightseeing tour of the town together with your assistant. 

Castle of Melfi

Visit of the Castle of Melfi, one of the most important medieval castles in Italy. It can be dated back to the Norman times and it was changed over times, especially in Angevin and Aragonese periods. It has four entrances and is surrounded by ten towers.

Polignano a mare

Polignano a mare is a small wonderful village on high cliffs, with coves and crystal sea. Its coast is one of the most beautiful in Apulia. Sightseeing tour with your assistant to explore the oldest part of the town standing on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Adriatic Sea and to see the bridge of Via Traiana, still viable, that crosses Lama Monachile, the deep inlet in just north of the old town.

Castellana caves

The Castellana Caves is one of the most amazing natural places of Apulia, attracting tourists from all over the world. The visit is together with your assistant and a local guide, along a path of 3 kms and about 70m deep. The incredible forms of canyons, stalactites and stalagmites and the amazing colors inside are really breathtaking.  The visit is along a path of 3 kms and the temperature inside is of about 16°, so you should wear a sweater and comfortable shoes.


“Gravina” is the Italian word to indicate the cracks in the Earth’s crust like a canyon. Part of this town, lying between the Basilicata region and the Murgia National Park in Apulia, extends on the shores of a deep crevasse carved into the limestone rock by the homonymous stream. Private guided visit tour (2 hours) of the town with its historic centre and underground, the Cathedral, medieval areas, the “gravine” and  the churches into the rocky caves.

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