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Majestic Milan

Majestic Milan truly comes alive with Made In Uvet’s personalised tour package. The wonderful architecture, the throbbing city life, and the remarkable cuisine are all on the checklist.


The first stop on the tour takes you through a section of Milan that is probably its most important, culturally and historically. An expert guide reveals the interesting stories linked to the Castello Sforzesco, the residence of the Ducato di Milano. You are then treated to the architectural magnificence of the Piazza Mercanti, the Broletto, and the Duomo – one of the most important symbols of the city.


The tour continues with the Milano Liberty tour that takes you to the most important landmarks.

After you have experienced the architectural splendour of the city, it’s time to experience the rich and varied cuisine. A comprehensive 3-hour food tour reveals the secrets that have made Italian food one of the most cherished in the world. The Brera neighbourhood offers the perfect backdrop to try local favourites such as the mondeghili and the meatballs.


One of the highlights of the food tour is the opportunity for you and your group to form cooking teams, then create your own recipes, prepare them, and try to sell the items to the local crowd: An exciting team building exercise.

Experience the eternal city up, close, and personal with Made In Uvet’s exclusive, incentive-based itinerary. The 5-day tour takes you to important landmarks and magnificent architectural sights, along with an expert knowledge of the local economy and finance delivered in the form of lectures by esteemed professors from the LUISS University.
The Italian capital provides a magnificent landscape rich with heritage sites, cultural curiosities, and a vibrant night life. Made In Uvet distils the best kept secrets of the city in its personalised tour itinerary.
A quintessential Italian region, Sicily continues to reflect the true traditions and culture of the land. Made In Uvet’s personalised itinerary takes you on an enriching and exciting journey across the largest island in the Mediterranean.

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