Made in Uvet is the Tour Operator and Destination Management Company belonging to the Uvet Group, a true benchmark for the Italian tourism industry established in 1950 and with branch offices in France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Romania, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States of America.

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Tuscany offers an exotic glimpse of what makes Italy a premier destination for global tourists. The scenic region offers the right mix of architecture, culture, cuisine, and more. Made In Uvet offers an experience that takes you on a private, luxurious journey across the Tuscan landscape.


Each and every aspect of the itinerary is curated for premium luxury and comfort. Your first stop is a premium residence located right in the heart of Florence – the Villa Medici. The night’s entertainment includes dinner at the Michelin-starred Ora D’Aria.


The pace then literally picks up when you arrive at the stables of Ferrari. More than just a mere visit, you will actually learn how to drive the iconic car under the expert guidance of a professional driver.


Once you drive a Ferrari, everything else will feel a little slow. The trip takes that into account with a leisurely journey across the vineyards and orchards of the region, towards the historic Ama Castle where a private lunch is arranged.


There is perhaps no better view of scenic Tuscany than one from the sky. The second day of the tour is dedicated to a chopper ride that takes you over the Chianti region.


After the scenic tour of the landscape, the next interesting activity to check off the list is fashion; not just any fashion, but the very best of Italian couture. Florence provides an inspiring backdrop for you to window-shop premium brands such as Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci and Salvatore Ferragamo.


Made In Uvet’s Tuscany sojourn has been curated for an exquisite and exclusive experience.

Experience the eternal city up, close, and personal with Made In Uvet’s exclusive, incentive-based itinerary. The 5-day tour takes you to important landmarks and magnificent architectural sights, along with an expert knowledge of the local economy and finance delivered in the form of lectures by esteemed professors from the LUISS University.
The Italian capital provides a magnificent landscape rich with heritage sites, cultural curiosities, and a vibrant night life. Made In Uvet distils the best kept secrets of the city in its personalised tour itinerary.
A quintessential Italian region, Sicily continues to reflect the true traditions and culture of the land. Made In Uvet’s personalised itinerary takes you on an enriching and exciting journey across the largest island in the Mediterranean.

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